British Parliament is the legislative body that works in the name of, and with the King to advance the United Kingdom into a further state of grandeur.

Divided into two houses, the Parliament uses what is known as the bicameral system. The houses being the Upper House, more officially known as the House of Lords, and the Lower House, more officially known as the House of Commons.

House of Lords

The House of Lords consists of the peers of the realm. All peers are obligated to fill their seat within the House of Lords if called upon by the monarch, or the Lord-Speaker (who will also simultaneously fulfill the office of Lord Chancellor). Those who do not will risk loss of favour for going against a direct wish of the monarch.

House of Commons

The House of Commons consists of those elected from the political parties to represent said parties in the legislature. The majority party (being the party that wins the General Election) will usually be granted more seats over the others in order to fulfill their political agenda.